Themed Playlist: First Wave Covid-19 Playlist: Information

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has brought with it a pandemic of viral misinformation, or information from the top down.  How can media, and in particular, the domestic and socially distanced media, combat this spread? From Dale Hudson (NYU Abu Dhabi) and Patricia R. Zimmermann (Ithaca College) a reflection and list.

Themed Playlist: Traces of Violence

What does it mean to live with violence? This is not violence as exceptional event, but violence as an ongoing presence felt across place, community, and generations? These films explore persistent legacies of violence, demanding a reframing the perspective that the demonstrations are the problematic violence.

Themed Playlist: Better Worlds

Tanya Horeck’s playlist, ‘Better Worlds’ contains serialised TV shows whose utopic visions are deceptively political as they offer ways of imagining and feeling possibilities and alternatives.

Themed Playlist: Our Virtual Selves

The COVID-19 pandemic will be digitized. The shifts from in-person to screen-based interactions has been all encompassing and our virtual selves have become more present than ever. In this list, Jennifer O’Meara offers up film and video that have been showing us versions of the virtual self.

Themed Playlist: Digital and Interactive Media Projects that Think Through the Environment

In a time when we might be more attuned to matters of space and place than ever, and as so much of our movement is now about mediation and interaction with the digital, it is wonderful to have Dale Hudson’s and Patricia R. Zimmermann’s contribution:  Digital and Interactive Media Projects that Think Through the Environment.