About the Centre: 


The Centre for Screen Cultures is dedicated to exploring the many screens that are part of our world: television, computers, tablets and smartphones, videogames, and VR—in the present day and across history. These media shape our social, cultural, artistic and political understanding through both collaborations and confrontations. The work they do is not limited to the audiovisual depictions onscreen. A study of screen cultures also attends to what happens offscreen from idea to audience– the spaces of production, distribution, and exhibition. It’s what happens in between those spaces and with the audiences after the encounter. The Centre invites interdisciplinary exploration and participation from everyone: academics, practitioners, and the public.



For the next three years, the theme is Sound:

Year 1: Mediating Voice

Year 2: Space and Environment

Year 3: Sounding Bodies


Co-Directors: Lucy Donaldson and Philippa Lovatt



About the Playlist Initiative:


Developed in the early stages of lockdown, the CSC Playlist Initiative sought to navigate the abundance of media materials, especially with digital archives, proliferating streaming platforms, and film festivals migrating online. In the process, it became an opportunity to give visibility to multiple perspectives and voices as media scholars, programmers, and makers provided their suggestions. An archive of the now, this initiative offers a resource for teaching and research and a disruption of the often totalising and exclusionary tendencies of so many lists.


Curator: Leshu Torchin