Themed Playlist: Radical Film Network Returns

In May 2020, Clive Myer provided a playlist introducing us to the work of the Radical Film Network. He returns now with a follow up list to let us know that there are now over 150 films available, free of charge, to students, researchers, the academic community and the public at large on the Radical Film Network website.

Themed Playlist: Out to market: Ports and pipelines

Mining and oil exploitation have been a focus of intense fascination for filmmakers and audiences, often mythologised as conquest over nature or visions of the technological sublime and the anthropocene. But what of the material realities of these operations? Maria Velez Serna provides films that render visible the abstracted operations of planetary mining.

Themed Playlist: Digital and Interactive Media Projects that Think Through the Environment

In a time when we might be more attuned to matters of space and place than ever, and as so much of our movement is now about mediation and interaction with the digital, it is wonderful to have Dale Hudson’s and Patricia R. Zimmermann’s contribution:  Digital and Interactive Media Projects that Think Through the Environment.