Playlist Initiative

Themed Playlist: Seeing Stuntwork

Stuntworkers are hypervisible as spectacle but too often invisible as laborers. In this playlist, Lauren Steimer directs our attention to their work and calls attention to the need to see this labour and recognise it in the industry and beyond....

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Themed Playlist: Traces of Violence

What does it mean to live with violence? This is not violence as exceptional event, but violence as an ongoing presence felt across place, community, and generations? These films explore persistent legacies of violence, demanding a reframing the perspective that the demonstrations are the problematic...

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Themed Playlist: Our Virtual Selves

The COVID-19 pandemic will be digitized. The shifts from in-person to screen-based interactions has been all encompassing and our virtual selves have become more present than ever. In this list, Jennifer O'Meara offers up film and video that have been showing us versions of the...

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