World premiere of Nguyễn Trinh Thí’s How to Improve the World (2021)

In September, the Centre for Screen Cultures will partner with Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (10/9 -12/9) and will co-host the world premiere of Nguyễn Trinh Thí’s How to Improve the World (2021) as part of a special programme focusing on  Nguyễn’s ‘Landscape Series’. Dr Philippa Lovatt (Co-Director for the Centre for Screen Cultures) will be taking part in a (pre-recorded) conversation with Nguyễn Trinh Thí on the theme of sound and ecologies in relation to Nguyễn’s work. This is the first event for the Centre for Screen Cultures in 2021-22 on the theme for this year: ‘Sound and Environment’ (further events to be announced soon!).

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